Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rezekulov Picnic Celebration

Here is a little sneak peak of Alina and Vitaliys MN wedding celebration picnic. This happened in the month of August of this year. All thanks to Alina P. for organizing this event and all the gals and guys for helping put everything together. This picnic was meant for those who did not make it to Alina and Vitaliys wedding in CA. It was nice to come together and celebrate this two love birds.

It was such a peaceful, warm, and windy day. Nothing but perfect for this special occasion. Everyone enjoyed the company, food (especially Dima's lamb), and the fresh air. The couple could not take their eyes off of each other. There was nothing but smiles the whole day. The evening went by way too fast, wish there was more time in a day.

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