Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Easy Doughnut Recipe Cooked in Coconut Oil

Here is a great doughnut recipe that I decided to make on New Years!

I was sitting at home trying to look up delicious New Years recipes to make. I was craving something sugary yet soft on the inside. As I was searching, I came across a picture of doughnuts. Yum! I was hooked on the first picture.

"Making doughnuts", I said to myself. "Will that be an easy task?"

This is a really easy and simple way to make delicious doughnuts. This recipe incorporates biscuit dough so you can either make the dough from scratch or buy the biscuit dough already made. You can find tons of sites that have great biscuit dough recipes. I decided to go the easy route and buy 2 biscuit containers from Trader Joes. There are also some good ones at Whole Foods.

Finding a good way to fry them in the pot was hard to find. A lot of recipes had canola oil or other vegetable oils for frying and I did not want to use those harmful oils to fry my doughnuts in. I usually use coconut oil for everything so I decided to give that a try with these doughnuts.  I am so glad I did. They turned out fantastic! No coconut taste at all. They were sugary on the outside yet soft on the inside.  I have also read some bloggers had undercooked doughnuts with still some raw dough taste in the middle.  My doughnuts were completely cooked through, I just kept them in the pot a little longer. It all depends on the temp you fry them in and how long you keep them in for.

Simple Doughnut Recipe:


2 Biscuit Dough Containers
1 Trader Joes Coconut Oil Jar
Powdered Sugar


1. Scoop out the coconut oil into a small pot. I used about 2 cups. Set it on medium/ high heat.

2. Open the biscuit containers and separate the dough pieces onto a baking sheet. Use a soda cap or whatever you have on hand to make small holes in the middle of the dough.

3. Place 2-3 dough pieces in the oil and let them cook until they are nice and golden brown/on the darker side. Flip the doughnuts to cook on the other side until golden brown.

4. Fry all of the doughnuts and let them cool completely.

5. Put powdered sugar in a large ziplock bag and place 4-5 doughnuts and shake the bake to coat them with the sugar. Take them out and enjoy!

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