Saturday, December 28, 2013

Healthy Gummy Snacks

Who knew that gummy bears can be nutritious for you! Well, I have a recipe that will blow your mind and stomach.

The main ingredient in gummy bears is gelatin. Gelatin is made from animal bones but don't be nervous it's actually good for you! Depending on the gelatin you use, you can make these nutritious snacks for your whole family.

Most gummy bears that you buy at the store are full of sugar, corn syrup, and unhealthy gelatin. This type of gelatin is unhealthy and made from sick and hormone fed animals. Gelatin is the most important ingredient in gummy bears; it's the ingredient that makes gummy bears gel.

Gelatin can be healthy if you buy gelatin from "grass fed" animals. I use the Great Lakes Gelatin which comes from healthy animal bones. Gelatin powder is broth in a concentrated form and is a great source of protein. Healthy gelatin makes hair thicker, nails stronger, and tightens loose skin. It's also great for digestion, so when you eat any meat, drink some gelatin broth with it. Gelatin also consists of specific amino acids which help build muscle. It can also be a great treatment for diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

I have been using this product for awhile now and I use it for snacks, jello, broth, and use it as a tea when I'm eating meat to help with digestion. I have also heard that you can make hair masks to make hair stronger and thicker, but have not tried that yet.

Instead of buying gummy bears from your local store, why not make them at home! It's super easy and does not take long to make. It has been husband approved!

Here is a recipe for healthy and nutritious gummy snacks.


1 cup cherry juice (not from concentrate)

1 cup -juice of 1 large carrot and 2 organic apples

7-8 Tbl grass fed gelatin

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup raw honey


1. Whisk 1 cup of cherry juice and gelatin until it forms into a paste

2. Heat the other 1 cup of carrot and apple juice in a small pot. Make sure it's warm. Do not let it boil so heat on low.

3. Combine the gelatin paste into the warm juice mixture. Whisk until it's smooth.

4. Add the raw honey and lemon to the mixture. Whisk until combined.

5. Pour mixture into your molds and refrigerate for 30 minutes

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