Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Home

Hey everyone, I am finally back and starting to blog again. I have been gone for over a month now, for good reasons though. My husband and I were in the process of moving and have been staying at the in-laws for almost two months, we have finally moved into our home. I am just ecstatic about it and will be posting remodeling posts on here soon!

Let me tell you all what has been happening. We have been searching for a home for about two years now, off and on. Things were just not working out like we hoped they would but God had other plans in mind. The first, second, and third homes that we looked at never ended in a closing, it wasn't our fault mind you, but on the sellers part. Wether it be the bank that was selling it or homeowners, something always happened and our closing never occured. We were getting really discouraged and did not know if God was sending us a message or what. We figured out that maybe it just wasn't our time yet and maybe we needed to be where we were for awhile and just be statisfied with it. When our offer was accepted for this home, we automatically thought that something was going to go wrong and let me tell you we had more issues with this house then all the rest. The house was suppose to be move in ready but it had leaking pipes, broken furnace, broken water softener, leaking toilet, broken sprinkler system, stolen water filtration system, etc... and the list goes on and on. The bank thankfully fixed all the bigger issues but it took them two months to do that, which we did not have time for because our lease was up in two months. Thankfully my in-laws had an extra room and were nice enough to let us stay for however long we wanted. What would we do without out parents. When we finally did sign all the papers, I thought to myself that something was going to go wrong and nothing did. It was such a relief and my husband and I were ecstatic! WE JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE!

Pasha and I were going to move in right away without hesitation but then I told him why not do the flooring first before we move in, which I thought was only going to take a week or so. Boy was I wrong. The flooring turned into painting the celing and then since we started that why not spray paint the kitchen/bathroom cabinets and since we started that why not do brand new white trim, and then we gutted the whole bathroom...so all in all one week turned into 2 months! At one point I thought we were going to stay at the in-laws forever!  But now it's almost done with the exception of the entryway and basement. We still have small things to do like the outlets, touch up so walls, and clean.

Let me tell you all, there is nothing more satisfying then coming home and knowing that you are in your own home with your own things, even though everything is still all over the place. We still have so much to unpack, organize and lots of unfinished remodeling to do. We have spent countless hours putting in hard labor into this home and it has turned into a beautiful place. Previous to this we lived in a tiny 750 sq f town-home with little say in pretty much everything, except the furniture. We were very limited to what we could do and this time around it's like working from a blank slate, we had so many decisions to make from wall color, to trim, to flooring, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are infinite. We are loving every minute of it!

Our first day working on our home!

It was such an exciting time starting out.

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