Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Diva Cup

Ladies I have come across gold for our menstrual cycle! It's called "The Diva Cup".

Today, I was picking up a few items from Whole Foods and while browsing the isles, I came across "The Diva Cup". The Diva Cup is a reusable cup that is used instead of pads and tampons. It comes in two sizes, "one" and "two". Size one is meant for women under 30 who have never had children. Size two is meant for women over 30 or those who have had a vaginal birth.

One of my girlfriends has one and she absolutely loves it. She says she wouldn't know what she would do without it. She said that once you have it positioned properly you don't have to worry about it leaking. It can stay there for up to 12 hours or as needed. She mentioned that it's not only a huge money saver, it's great for the environment. Think about all the feminine products that are dumped in the landfills each year, billions and billions and those tampons and pads just don't disintegrate and disappear, they are their forever.  We just don't think about the consequences that it can cause to our own environment, we just throw them in the trash and try not to think about it.

Here are some instructions that come with it:

Considering all that I have heard from others about the Diva Cup, I tried it out for the very first time.  Let me tell you that I have never been more satisfied about a product. It's the freedom to do whatever you want without any leaks that I love about it. It not only is proven to protect it's reusable. I wore it the entire day without having to change it. You can go swimming and feel clean and comforatble. You can go jogging or go camping and have a fabulous time. This little cup is amazing. It's 100% silicon without any BPA, plastic, rubber, or latex. All in all I am very satisfied with this amazing product and would recommend it to anyone.

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